Damage to semen production can be caused by various causes:

Enviromental: Smoking, drugs, stress, nutritional deficiencies, Genetic (congenital), Infectious diseases, Structural problems in the male sex system.

Often a male cause of infertility can be secondary to several factors and therefore a comprehensive assessment and treatment is needed.

I specialized in male fertility during my fellowship in Canada. During this perios i developed new diagnostic and treatment methods.

I was the director of the sperm bank at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.

I adapt a holistic treatment for each patient, including changes in habits, changes in diet, hormonal treatments and integration with complementary medicine.

Male Fertility: A Breakthrough in Hillel Yaffe Hospital

Before the first male fertility consultation, you should download the attached document and bring the detailed tests

Dr. Katy Shlush 
Fertility Clinic

I am an OBGYN specialist and fertility specielist focusing on fertility preservation male infertility and endometriosis ​ I am an attending physician at the Rambam medical center IVF unit and mannage the endometriosis clinic.
​I am fascinated by the hormonal changes of the human fertility system and I constantly study them to improve fertility outcomes

“Helping women with fertility problems is one of the most important goals in my life.”

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